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NovoSPT :: SPT Correlations Software


novosptNovoSPT is a unique geotechnical software designed for correlating SPT blow counts (N) to various soil properties using 300 correlations. NovoSPT is used by thousands of geotechnical engineers around the world. This is a must-have software for every company!
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Key Features

  • KeyFeatures_NovoSPTestimation of 30 soil parameters including Ø, cohesion, CBR, DR, F, ES, VS, Gmax, EPMT, Pl, BPT, fs, bearing capacity & settlement, mV, Su, dilation angle, etc based on 300 SPT correlations
  • calculating bearing capacity and settlement based on SPT
  • importing data from gINT, WinLog, LogPlot and text files (see SmartSync tool)
  • calculating depth normalized blow count (N160) versus depth
  • supporting both Metric and Imperial units
  • bearing capacity and settlement analysis tool
  • statistical module for comparing different correlations
  • formulas and correlations collected and cross checked from more than 70 references

Design Features

  • DesignFeatures_NovoSPTuser friendly and intuitive user interface
  • documentations in English and Spanish languages
  • save and load your SPT blow counts and soil layers under a project
  • printing and exporting graphs to Microsoft Excel and graphic formats
  • comprehensive report designer tool including directly saving as PDF
  • correlation of soil parameters versus depth of the borehole based on SPT blow counts
  • PDF User manuals and help file

List of SPT Correlations


Depth correction factor (CN)

Gibbs and Holtz, 1957

Peck and Bazaraa, 1969

Peck, Hanson and Thornburn, 1974

Seed, 1976

Tokimatsu and Yoshimi, 1983

Liao and Whitman, 1986

Skempton, 1986

Samson, 1986

Canadian Foundation Engineering Manual, 2006


Other correction factors

Borehole diameter (CB)

Sampling method (CS)

Rod length (CR)


Modulus of elasticity (Es)

Tan et al., 1991 for sands (normally consolidated)

Bowles, 1996 for sands (normally consolidated/ over consolidated / saturated)

Bowles, 1996 for gravely sands

Tan et al., 1991 for gravely sands

Tan et al., 1991 for clayey sands

Tan et al., 1991 for silts, sandy silt, or clayey silt

Ghahramani and Behpoor, 1989 (saturated clays)

Skempton, 1986

Papadopoulos, 1992

Kulhawy and Mayne, 1990


Schultz and Muhs

Stroud, 1988

AASHTO, 1996 (4 equations)


Friction angle (F)

Terzaghi, Peck and Mesri (2 equations)

Hatanaka and Uchida, 1996 for Sands (2 equations)

Ohsaki et al., 1959

Japan Road Association, 1990

Dunham, 1954 (3 equations)

Shioi and Fukui, 1954 (2 equations)

Meyerhof, 1959

Peck, Hanson and Thornburn, 1974

Bowles, 2002

Mezenbach, 1961 (7 equations)

Kampengsen (2 equations for N60 and N1,60)

Chonburi (2 equations for N60 and N1,60)

Ayuthaya (2 equations for N60 and N1,60)

Wolff, 1989

Kulhawy and Mayne, 1990

Peck et al., 1953

Duncan, 2004 (3 equations)

Schmertmann, 1975

Hettiarachchi and Brown, 2009


Relative density of sands (Dr)

Gibbs and Holtz, 1957

Meyerhof, 1957

Yoshida et al., 1988

Idriss and Boulanger, 2003

Skempton, 1986

Cubrinovski and Ishihara, 1999 (3 equations)


California Bearing Ratio (CBR)

Livneh, 1987

Harison, 1987

Livneh et al.,1992

Webster, 1992

Kleyn, 1975

Ese, 1995

NCDOT, 1998

Coonse, 1999

Soil Consistency

Terzaghi and Peck, 1948

AASHTO, 1988


Becker Penetration Test BPT (equivalent values)

Harder and Seed, 1986

Alex Sy and Campanella, 1994


Pile skin and end bearing

Meyerhof, 1976 (4 equations)

Reese and O'Neill, 1988 (2 equations)

GEO, 1996 and Yau, 2000

Yves Robert, 1997

Reese and Wright, 1977 (2 equations)

O'Neill and Hassan, 1994

Quiros and Reese, 1977

Compressibility factor (mV)

Stroud, 1989

Normalized dilation angle (v1)

D. Roy, J. Hughes and R.G. Campanella


Pressuremeter modulus (EPMT, Pl)

Ohya et al., 1982

S. Yagiz et al., 2008 (2 equations)

Bozbey and Togrol, 2009 (4 equations)

Chiang and Ho, 1980 (2 equations)


Initial Modulus of Stiffness (Go, E)

Schnaid et al., 2004

Sandroni, 1991

FHWA, 2002

Undrained shear strength (Su)

Terzaghi and Peck, 1967

Meyerhof, 1956

Peck et al., 1974

Ghahramani and Behpoor, 1989

Stroud, 1989

Sowers, 1979 for all soil types

Stroud and Butler, 1975

Japanese Road Association

Reese, Touma and O'Neill, 1976

Kulhawy and Mayne, 1990

Hara et al., 1974

Hatef and Keshavarz, 2004

Tavares, 1988

Ajayi and Balogun, 1988

Stroud, 1974

Decourt, 1989

Bowles, 1988

Tavares, 1988

Hettiarachchi and Brown, 2009


Shear wave velocity (Vs)

Imai and Yoshimura, 1970

Ohba and Toriumi, 1970

Imai, 1977 (4 equations)

Imai and Tonouchi, 1982

Ohta and Goto, 1978

Japanese Highway Bridge Design Code


Tomio Inazaki, Public Works Research Institute of Japan, 2006

Baziar, Fallah, Razeghi and Khorasani, 1998

Okamota, 1989

Tamura and Yamazaki, 2002

Lee, 1990 (3 equations)

Jafari et al., 1997

Yokota et al., 1991

Ulegergerli and Uyanik, 2004

Jafari, Shafiee and Razmkhah, 2002 (3 equations)

Jafari et al., 1997

Yokota et al., 1991

Lee, 1990 (3 equations)

Sykora and Stokoe, 1983

Seed et al., 1983

Seed and Idriss, 1981

Imai et al., 1975

Ohta et al., 1972

Shibata, 1970

Kanai et al., 1966

Ohsaki and Iwazaki, 1973 (2 equations)

Alfaro Castillo, 2007 (2 equations)

NCREE (Taiwan)

Muge K. Akin, Steven L. Kramer, Tamer Topal (6 equations)


Shear modulus (Gmax)

Imai and Tonouchi, 1982

Seed, Idriss and Arango, 1983

Anbazhagan, Sitharam and Diryac, 2007 (2 equations)

Wroth et al., 1979

Ohsaki and Owasaki, 1973

Seed et al., 1986 (2 equations)

Randolph, 1981


Liquefaction Cyclic Resistance Ratio (CRR)

Idriss and Boulanger (University of California at Davis)

Chinese Code



Seed et al.


NCEER, 1977


Bearing capacity of shallow foundations (qa)

Burland and Burbidge, 1985


Meyerhof, 1976

Parry, 1977

Peck et al., 1974


Settlement of shallow footings (S)

Modified Meyerhof, 1965

Modified Meyerhof (based on Terzaghi and Peck)

Terzaghi and Peck, 1967

Peck and Bazaraa, 1969

Peck, Hanson and Thornburn, 1974

Burland and Burbidge, 1985

Duncan and Buchignani, 1976

Alpan, 1964

Anagnostropoulos et al., 1991


Saturated unit weight (g)

Kulhawy and Mayne, 1990


Wildcat and Durham DCP

J. Fred Triggs, Paul D. Simpson, 1990


Modulus of subgrade reaction (Ks30)

Zhang and Wang


NovoSPT also covers conversion of the following penetrometers' blow counts to standard penetration test blow count:


Sample reports


Using our innovative "Correlation with Depth" feature, user can plot the variation of the correlated soil parameter along the depth of the borehole which enables compaison of different methods. By using soil filter feature, user can hide those correlations which are not related to the soil type at a certain depth. To try a full feature version of NovoSPT please download the program here.

NovoSPT is available in English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Turkish and Farsi languages.