Purchase Guide

The following sections summarize the information you need before your purchase. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us:

Payment MethodsWe offer various payment methods including online payment, wire transfer, check. Most of our customers choose convenient online payment for fast delivery. We accept Visa, Debit, American Express and other major credit cards via PayPal; however you don’t need a PayPal account for your payment.

For other payment methods such as wire transfer and check please contact us.

Variety of licensing options are available. Please explore how they fit your organization needs and budget. For detailed information please see this page.

See complete price list on this page.

Support & Upgrades

New licenses come with one year email support & upgrade. For subsequent years, support can be purchased separately if required (not mandatory)(see details).

Software Delivery

Right after your purchase, you will download the software from a secure download page on our website. This way, you have the software up and running on the same day.
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Terms and Conditions

For complete terms and conditions of using our programs please click on the following link:

End User License Agreement