SPT Correlations Software (NovoSPT)

NovoSPT is a unique geotechnical software designed for correlating SPT blow counts (N) to various soil properties using 300 correlations.

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This is a ‘must have’ software for every geotechnical engineer!

Input data consists of field SPT blow counts versus depth, and soil layers data. NovoSPT applies all SPT corrections including overburden stress, rod length, borehole diameter, sampler type, and energy level. The main features of the program:

  • Correlating blow counts to various soil properties using 300 correlations
  • Bearing capacity analysis based on SPT data
  • Converting DCP blow counts to SPT blow counts
  • Detailed report (PDF, print)
  • Exporting the results to Excel format
  • Built-in help and PDF user’s manual


  • Estimation of 30 soil parameters including friction angle Ø, cohesion, CBR, relative density, undrained shear strength, modulus of elasticity, shear wave velocity, initial shear modulus, pressure-meter modulus and limit pressure, Mv, dilation angle, and more, based on 300 SPT correlations
  • Calculating bearing capacity and settlement based on SPT
  • Importing data from gINT, WinLog, LogPlot and text files
  • Calculating depth normalized blow count (N1 60) versus depth
  • Statistical module for comparing different correlations
  • Correlations collected and cross checked using more than 70 references

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