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Lab Data Management & Log Drafting Software

NovoLAB is the most comprehensive geotechnical software for lab data management and borehole log drafting.

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Complete package for lab test data management and preparation of borehole logs!

NovoLAB is designed for geotechnical lab test processing and borehole log drafting. It covers various drilling methods, sample types and several other features. Click on the above tabs to view more details.

  1. Sieve Analysis (gradation) Test and Soil Classification (USCS, AASHTO)

    This includes particle size distribution and hydrometer (151H, 152H and double) tests. The output of this module is soil classification (USCS and AASHTO) and sieve plot. Various soil parameters such as D10, D30, D50, dispersion, Cc and Cu are also given in the report.
    lab test processing software

  2. Atterberg Limits Test

    Calculating liquid limit (LL), plastic limit (PL) and plastic index (PI) based on input data.

  3. Moisture and Density Test / Field Density Test

    These two tests are the most common soil tests where natural moisture content and density of the soil sample is calculated.

  4. Direct Shear Test

    NovoLAB supports any shear box size! User can specify the height and width of the shear box. Input data includes sample weight and size, vertical displacement gauge readings and load gauge readings. The output of this module includes friction angle and cohesion of the soil sample.
    direct shear test

  5. Triaxial Compression Test

    This module supports CD, CU and UU triaxial tests. Input data includes sample weight and size, pore pressure readings and load gauge readings. The output of this module includes friction angle (Phi, Phi’) and cohesion (C, C’) of the soil sample.
    triaxial test

  6. Unconfined Compression Test

    This tests is used to determine the undrained shear strength (qu or Su) of soil which can be used to estimate the cohesion.

  7. Hydraulic Conductivity Test (falling head, constant head)

    These two modules process falling head and constant head permeability tests data. The output is coefficient of hydraulic conductivity (K).

  8. Compaction Test

    NovoLAB covers standard and modified AASHTO and ASTM test methods. Moisture-density curve for various specific gravity (Gs) values, optimum moisture content and maximum dry density are given in compaction report.
    Compaction Test

  9. 1D Consolidation Test

    NovoLAB accepts unlimited cycles and unlimited number of vertical loads for 1D consolidation test. The software provides pre-consolidation stress (Pc), compression index (Cc) and re-compression index (Cs).

NovoLAB log drafting module is fully automatic. Here are the steps to create a boring log with NovoLAB (see example log):

  • Enter laboratory tests data
  • Enter soil layers for each borehole
  • Click on ‘Borehole Log’ button!

The software will automatically search for all tests conducted on each sample and inserts the test results in the borehole log. User can specify the data columns to be shown on the log.


NovoLAB provides various reports including but not limited to:

  • Laboratory Test Reports: each laboratory test has its own report.
  • Borehole Locations Plan on Google Earth: Once you specify UTM coordinates of the boreholes, NovoLAB locates them on Google Earth
  • Tests Summary Report: provides a summary of all laboratory test in the current project
  • Boreholes Report: provides a summary of all boreholes in the current project
  • Samples Report: provides a summary of all samples in the current project
  • Sample Identification: provides list of all test results associated to a sample
  • Projects Report: provides list of all projects in NovoLAB database