Software User’s Manuals

Our geotechnical programs come with Windows help files and PDF user’s manuals. For your convenience we have converted all user’s manuals to PDF files so that users can easily search through and print them.

User’s manuals can be downloaded here:

NovoSPT (SPT Correlations Program) also available in Spanish, Chinese(Simplified), and Turkish
NovoBPT (Becker Penetration Test Software)
NovoCPT (Cone Penetration Test Software) also available in Spanish
NovoLIQ (Liquefaction Analysis Software) also available in Spanish
NovoFormula (Geotechnical Collections Software)
LateralK (Earth Pressure Analysis Software)
VisLog (3D Soil Profile Visualization Software)
Peysanj (Bearing Capacity Software)
NovoLAB (Log Drafting and Lab Test Processing)
SmartSync (gINT Import Tool)

All help files are also available in online HTML file formats. Please click here for more information.

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