Commercial Licenses

Variety of licensing options are available for our collection of geotechnical software. Please explore how they fit your needs and budget:

In this licensing model, user receives one license file for each computer. The license carries information about your computer hardware configuration (i.e. Hardware ID). The software will run on the licensed computer, and there is no time limit for using the software (the license is perpetual).

In case of virus infection or damage, etc to the original computer, the license can be transferred to another computer with a valid support contract.

This model is very similar to the Perpetual license model, except the purchase price is only a fraction of the cost of Perpetual license and is renewed every year. This is particularly suitable for temporary projects or for small companies where the program is required for a limited time.

The other advantage of this model is that you always use the latest version of the software and don’t pay for support and upgrade fee.


Licensing Options Comparison

  • Usability
  • Initial Purchase Cost
  • Support & Upgrade Fee
  • Most Recommended For
  • Delivery Method
  • Same Day Activation
  • Perpetual License (permanent)
  • Medium
  • Click
  • All
  • Annual License (subscription)
  • Low
  • FREE
  • Large Companies


If you prefer a different type of licensing model, we can provide you customized solutions to fit your company’s needs.